The thesis is perhaps the most important academic work you will do in the course of your studies. More importantly, you submit a text that is not only flawless, but also plagiarist, original, and unique. Our experienced editors will be happy to take on this phase of the dissertation – after all, another eye is very often able to see much more than a person who has written a text himself.

Our ghostwriters, who help you to work out your thesis in many ways, are professional editors and usually have at least one academic qualification. Years of experience in the field of academic work guarantees our highly qualified handling of scientific texts such as dissertations and doctoral theses. Our correction service covers various services: Your dissertation may need some final polishing, from the purely orthographic proofreading of your work on the academic proofreading up to the plagiarism check we are your partner in questions of the review of your dissertation.

Should one of the chapters deviate too far from someone else in terms of content or style, we can also take over the transcription of the respective sections. The optimization of graphics and tables as well as the formatting of your dissertation according to your departmental guidelines complete our service. Do you want to have a particularly attractive layout for your dissertation? Ask us – we look forward to seeing you!

Did you search for an editorial? Here are some services we offer:

  • Editing Bachelor Thesis 
  • Lectorate English/German
  • Tariff Lectorate 
  • scientific editing office 
  • Education Lectorate 
  • honorar Lectorate 
  • Legal Lectorate 
  • Proofreading 

While editing is a comprehensive review of your dissertation. And proofreading only covers a small part. Proofreading is the right choice for you once your diploma thesis has been completed and you are very confident in your writing style, terminology and content. As part of the proofreading we correct all errors in the areas of orthography (spelling), grammar, syntax (sentence structure) and punctuation. Proofreading your thesis does not include correcting structural inaccuracies, structural errors, and expressions.

When editing, however, we focus on stylistic improvements and also give you detailed feedback on possible pitfalls such as missing transitions or inconsistencies. In addition, we review the structure and structure of your dissertation and show any shortcomings of logical transitions and connections or citation errors. Optionally, we can review your dissertation for all cases of plagiarism – with us at your side, you can be sure that your work meets all content and formal requirements, so that you can write your name on your dissertation with a clear conscience.

If you have already hired us at the beginning of your diploma thesis, the processing is part of the defined timetable. But even if you only contact us once you have completed the research, we are still the right partner for you. We consider it extremely important that you submit your doctoral thesis within the time limit set by your university. Although things need to be done quickly because time is short, our editors are at your disposal and, if you wish, will work on your dissertation with particular priority.

If our editors encounter the inconsistencies in content or unclear aspects in the reasoning during editing, they will outline this for you and provide full feedback. Sometimes the common thread between the chapters may go astray – we’ll help you to restore it and we’ll link the content of each section of your dissertation. After you have received your dissertation from us, you have the opportunity to review the improvements and comments and to personalize your dissertation. If you have any questions, our editors will be at your disposal at all times and will help you to personalize the work.